Find/Replace in Code Editor

Important Update to Custom Scripting

SurveyGizmo's CustomScript Action now supports the LUA programming language. Visit our NEW Lua Scripting Resources!

Legacy Custom Scripting Language Deprecation Plans 

  1. New accounts (created after October 29, 2018) will only have the option to use Lua in scripts.
  2. As of October 29, 2018 Custom Scripting Actions will default to Lua as the scripting type in the Custom Scripting Action for accounts created before this date. You will be able to switch to the Legacy Custom Scripting; though we highly encourage using Lua.
  3. In the long term, Legacy Custom Scripting Actions will be switched to read-only. The exact date on this is to be determined; we will send notifications well ahead of time.

Throughout our application we use the CodeMirror text editor for editing code. Below are keyboard functions for find and replace within the CodeMirror editor in our application.

Start searching

Ctrl-F / Cmd-F

Find next

Ctrl-G / Cmd-G

Find previous

Shift-Ctrl-G / Shift-Cmd-G


Shift-Ctrl-F / Cmd-Option-F

Replace all

Shift-Ctrl-R / Shift-Cmd-Option-F

Find and replace within CodeMirror works in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox only.

Scripting and Other Out-of-the-Box Customizations

We’re always happy to help you debug any documented script. That said, we do not have the resources to write scripts on demand.

If you have customization ideas that you haven't figured out how to tackle, we're happy to be a sounding board for SurveyGizmo features and functionality ideas that might meet your customization. Beyond this, you might want to consult with someone on our Programming Services Team; these folks might have the scripting chops to help you to achieve what you are looking for!